Explore Your BaZi Personality: Are you Yin Wood, Yang Metal, Yin Water or Yang Fire?

I have always been fascinated by the pictographic representations of nature in many aspects of Chinese culture. One of the most commonly known is of course their written language, where basic characters follow the shape of the nouns or verbs they represent and most other expressions or complex words are formed by adding up strokes to those basic characters or by combining them like building blocks.

But the pictographic representations don’t stop there, it is even more fascinating to see them in the study of Chinese Astrology BaZi, where the essence of each individual is captured in one single item in nature and pretty much any of the characteristics that one can imagine about that item, apply to the individual without mistake. It is so interesting that I invite you to try and see it for yourself:

Go to my BaZi Calculator and plot your BaZi birth chart using your local time at your place of birth. For the purpose of this fun but interesting exercise you don’t really need your time of birth so if you don’t have it, it is OK.

Once you have your chart, locate the top element on your day of birth, also known as your Day master.

You can identify that element in the Birth Chart:

Or you can also identify it looking at the Basic Analysis table:

Once you know the element check out your nature and your essential traits below:

If you are Yang Wood you are like a strong tall tree, stubborn and rigid in many ways but also protective and perseverant. To be happy you need continuous and never ending growth and evolution, achieved through constantly creating, expanding or building something.

If you are Yin Wood you are like a potting plant that bends in the direction of the sun to capture its light. You change positions and styles very fast so you are not really loyal to anybody as you are always on the side of those who benefit you the most. To be happy you need to socialize and to exchange ideas, information and knowledge.

If you are Yang Fire you are like the sun, warmth and generous. You make people feel at ease but you tend to be lonely because just as the sun, there is only one of your type.  You are easy going but you like the world to revolve around you so deep inside you believe you are the only one that is right. To be happy you need to be able to give and receive.

If you are Yin Fire you are like candle light, gentle, flickering and elegant. Once you feel comfortable, you become the life and soul of any event and you have the power to enlighten people, however, sometimes you overdo it because you want to change their belief’s even against their will. To be happy you need knowledge.

If you are Yang Earth you are like a big mountain, solid and difficult to move. You are naturally trustable but it is not easy to change your mind and procrastination tends to be one of your major problems, though you have the power of anticipation that comes from real observation. To be happy you need certainty and security.

If you are Yin Earth you are like soil, resourceful and nurturing. You are a multitasker capable of producing many things. You keep yourself busy all the time even if you are not doing productive stuff. You have a big ego but you are very considered and you can’t keep an argument for a long time. To be happy you need to find an identity or an entity to belong to.

If you are Yang Metal you are like a sturdy machete strong enough to fight adversity. You are all about execution, about doing and making things happen.  You are tough, stubborn and perseverant, you behave better under pressure and you always fight back. To be happy you need to feel powerful and get things done so you need to be in control.

If you are Yin Metal you are like fine jewelry, you like to look elegant and glamorous and you aim for a high-end lifestyle. You hate hardship and you are not good at handling stress. You love to be in the spot light, the more attention you get the better you perform. To be happy you need recognition and appreciation.

If you are Yang Water you are like the ocean, fierce and powerful. You are open minded and adventurous, sometimes you come and sometimes you go, that is your problem because you tend to have a dual personality.  You were born to be ambitious but you need to prioritize so you behave like a jet stream and not like a splash of water. To be happy you need adventure and variety.

If you are Yin Water you are like mist, clouds or morning dew. You are the most intuitive and idealistic of all but you are also the most moody and emotional. You have the capacity to inspire others to grow. You have acceptable social skills, but you tend to live on your own terms.  You have the power to influence people without people knowing, just as the clouds become mist and fall before people can do something about it. To be happy you need freedom.

Follow the process for all your relatives and friends and have fun finding out their true self….Enjoy it! vivianaestrada.com

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