Astrologer/Best Selling Author Constance Stellas Releases Threshold of Fire from Tree of Keys Graphic Novel Series


(AYRIAL) Atlanta, GA –  Best Selling author/Astrologer Constance Stellas is releasing a limited edition: Threshold of Fire, the   beginning of her graphic novel series Tree of Keys.  Written by Constance Stellas, Art by Jai Granofsky, and Storyboard by Israel Peak.   Threshold of Fire is being released today (February 16th) and available to order directly by email.

A fresh, original graphic novel series, Tree of Keys presents a story that traces the journey of 12 orphans as they transform themselves into Astro Heroes, based on qualities, talents, and challenges of each  astrological sign…and save the world.  Threshold of Fire has never been available for commercial release.

The story begins on the eve of the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The villain, NEFOS, plots to prolong this eclipse and weave a web of distortion to lock each Astro Hero into the worst aspects of his/her personality.   Opposing him is ZALINDA, the force of harmony, rhythm and joy.  NEFOS and ZALINDA have a complicated backstory that comes to light as the series unfolds. Each Astro Hero must go to the TREE of KEYS, find the key which unlocks the secrets of their sign, then battle NEFOS and their own doubts and fears as they become the Hero their star sign promises.  Only the Astro Heroes can redeem themselves, as well as all members of their Astro tribe.

Simply put: 12 kids; 12 signs; 12 adventures;12 SUPER ASTRO HEROES.

Astro Heros - Tree of Keys book by Constance Stellas

“Although there are many iconic Super Heroes no one has ever created a Super Hero specifically based on individual astrological signs,” says Constance Stellas. ” Additionally, equal audiences for both girls and boys are making headway in the Super Hero Universe but currently this genre appeals mostly to guys; astrology has traditionally appealed to girls.  The Astro Heroes bridge the gap.  Everyone in the world has a star sign!  There are 12 Astro Heroes:  6 guys and 6 girls.”

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Constance talks with Victoria lynn Weston about Tree of Keys

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Tree of Keys is a transmedia project.  Currently issue 1, Threshold of Fire, is available and the series is in pre-development.  Future plans are for a graphic novel series,  a 12 episode web series, and an animated film.Constance Stellas is actively seeking a publisher for the Tree of Keys.  She’s also interested in working with a WGA screenwriter/director to produce the Tree of Keys film. Individuals interested in financially supporting this project please  explore the Tree of Keys proposal and contact Constance directly.


Tree of Keys Proposal

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About Constance Stellas

Constance Stellas  has been a professional astrologer for over twenty years.  She’s been featured as the Resident Astrologer for the international magazine for PRESTIGE Magazine Singapore for five years. Additionally, she has been featured in The New York Times, Marie Claire and Working Woman.  On Sirius/XM’s Starz national radio show, Broadminded, she empowered listeners with astrology information and advised call-in guests on their stars for seven years.  Court TV Radio consulted with Constance to provide astrological analyses on high profile court cases.  In addition, she also advised clients with Candace Bushnell of Sex and the City.  Read Constance Stellas on Huffington Post.

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