In ‘Spirits In The Classroom – A True Story Of A Teacher’s Adventures From Beyond’ – a fascinating insight into life’s other realms, from a more-than-unique perspective

Spirits In The Classroom: True Stories of “Adventures from Beyond” (MediaQuire) United Kingdom –When Jonny Angels decided to leave the UK and embark on a nomadic life of teaching around the world, he expected an adventure awash with interesting people, daily culture shocks and a unique education of its own. Angels got all of that – including an unexpected insight into people and things “from beyond”.

In his fascinating new memoir – ‘Spirits In The Classroom – A True Story Of A Teacher’s Adventures From Beyond’ – Angels takes readers on a real-life journey where spirits make contact with hotel receptionists, spirits fill classrooms and even dead pets mysteriously begin to appear in photographs posted on the author’s website. His book also includes some real spirit photography.

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Jonny Angels Spirits in the Classroom A True Story Of A Teacher’s Adventures From Beyond

Imagine feeling the presence of your student’s family members in spirit whilst teaching a class of students. Add to that, discovering the death of a student that should have been in his classroom, never arrived but let him know later in spirit.

This is a true story of a variety of unexpected, real life experiences that should interest all of us who always thought it only happened to others. His fascinating journey takes him through several countries via teaching, coming into contact with a whole hive of unusual experiences both inside and outside the schools and colleges. Whether the banging of spirit in an empty classroom to personal objects mysteriously disappearing and then reappearing later you can follow the author on his adventures.

“This isn’t the kind of memoir you’d regularly associate with an overseas teacher – I admit. But I’ve had a unique platform through which to view both the conscious world and that beyond our understanding, and it’s a story that is of interest to all humanity,” explains Angels. “I’ve taught while feeling the presence of my students’ families in the classroom, dealt with objects appearing and re-appearing both in and out of the classroom, and even once came face-to-face with a deceased student. It’s chilling yet amazingly thought-provoking.”

Continuing, “Readers will come with me as I travel the world to experience things that are beyond our explanation, but could just shed new light on the life we know. As a result of these spiritual and psychic experiences, I periodically attend a well-known historical, spiritual college in Essex, for mediums and psychics to continue with development.”

Readers have greatly enjoyed the author’s work.  Lee Hope comments, “I enjoyed most of all, the chapter ‘Spirits in my dormitory’ which was fascinating. It’s Kind of a travel and psychic phenomena book. Certainly Worth a read as a true story. Interesting spirit photos in the book which It didn’t mention -only mentions this on the author’s website.”

Another Amazon user adds, “I found this book about spiritual and psychic experiences a fascinating read. The travel experiences also got my attention – this guy certainly gets around. I wish him well.”

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