intuitive readingsIntuitive Readings can quickly and accurately shed light on a career, business or personal concerns. As intuitive consultant, Victoria will generally offer raw intuitive and psychic impressions initially and the focus on specific questions or issues  that you ask.  Posing a question to an intuitive reader consultant creates the platform for the intuitive reader to focus on, cutting quickly through the fog of immaterial information that you may not be interested in focusing on.

Intuition is often a flash of insight, a gut instinct or a hunch.  We all have it. Intuition. Often times, we are unable to discern those flashes of insight and need to seek out a professional.  There are some people gifted with more than intuition. Victoria lynn Weston is a clairvoyant and intuitive, who always has precognitive abilities.

If you are interested in an intuitive reading about career, professional advice or business concerns. Contact Victoria today to schedule a session. All sessions are confidential by appointment via Skype, email or telephone.