Jackie O: On The Couch – Understanding America’s Princess

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Jackie O(MediaQuire) Carlisle, PA – Jackie O: On The Couch, Inside the mind and life of Jackie Kennedy Onassis (Bancroft Press) is a fascinating, fictionalized biography by psychoanalyst and longtime student of Jackie lore, Dr. Alma H. Bond. An expert combination of meticulous research and scholarly understanding of the human mind, this read allows a secret look at Jackie – like listening and watching her privately reveal her innermost thoughts and feelings to her therapist – and gives us a glimpse into a woman whose life and very presence captivated the world.

Jackie O, the first in Dr. Bond’s On the Couch series, not only gives us insight into the enigma that was Jackie but also explores John F. Kennedy’s background and the ways it affected his marriage. Jackie’s deep love for Jack, the cat and mouse game he played before their engagement, his early inattentiveness, and the difficult years they spent together, along with details of his outrageous womanizing and their happier times at the White House late in the marriage are viewed through her eyes. A poignant description of Jack’s assassination and funeral is also recounted. The book is packed with historically correct facts that accurately portray Jackie’s uniqueness as well as the politics and intrigue of Washington.

Bond looks into the widow Jackie’s need for Aristotle Onassis; debunking the idea that she married Ari purely for his money, and, says Bond, “discloses previously unknown graphic details of Jackie’s sexual awakening.” The joyful early years are captured and the gradual collapse of the marriage and Ari’s death. Jackie’s successful entry into the publishing world and how the work helped to define her follows. A new Jackie emerges, who probably is closer to the one she would have become had she not been the First Lady.

Jackie’s new persona allows her to form the best relationship of her life with the elderly, stout, and adoring Maurice Tempelsman – who gave Jackie the love, devotion and constancy that she never received from either husband. The book follows the progress of the non-Hodgkins lymphoma disease that led to Jackie’s death at age 64, and thoughtfully portrays the gamut of emotions from her fierce denial to the gradual acceptance that she would not survive.

Jackie O: On the Couch shows the ‘real’ Jackie – not just a face that was presented to the world by a woman who cherished her privacy – a woman with real emotions, ambitions, desires and a personality that is all her own. Readers gain a rare understanding of the life and loves of this great historical figure and Jackie emerges as a true human being with enormous strengths and shortcomings. The first in a series of three, this award-winning book will be followed this year with two more that will feature Lady Macbeth and Marilyn Monroe.

Dr. Alma Bond retired 15 years ago from a highly successful practice in New York as a psychoanalyst to write full-time. With 20 published books to her credit, she is primarily a biographer whose work includes studies of Maria Callas, Virginia Woolf, Camille Claudel and Margaret Mahler. Dr. Bond received a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University, and is a graduate of the post-doctoral program in psychoanalysis at the Freudian Society. She is the widow of Rudy Bond, the acclaimed stage, screen and television actor, the mother of three, and proud grandmother of eight.

For more information on this talented writer, please visit: Http://alma_bond.tripod.com.

“Dr. Alma H. Bond dove inside the head of …Jackie Kennedy Onassis in her new book…Bond combined her skills as writer and shrink to create a character so believable you feel as though Jackie O is in your living room…a fast read filled with intimate details…It’s as if Jackie herself is baring her soul to you.” – Dorri Olds, writer

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