Margaret Iuculano partners with non profits for CommonUnity

Founder of Angels for Foster Kids, Margaret Iuculano partners with local non profits to build CommonUnity, a new endeavor that will provide housing to help teen-age foster children who were not adopted prepare for adulthood.

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(MediaQuire) Tampa, Florida –  Angels for Foster Kids’ Founder, Margaret Iuculano announced today it will partner with other non-profit groups to create the  CommonUnity Project which will further contribute to their mission of providing help to foster kids.

Our CommonUnity Project allows us to collaborate with other non-profits and write joint grants together for the common good,” says Margaret Iuculano.  “It is exciting to find other non-profits willing to collaborate  with a common understanding that this type of business model will allow for  the greatest impact  in our communities.”

Margaret Iuculano believes an important key to their foundation reaching a new level of success is working with experienced collaborators of other non-profits.  She says, “Angels for Foster Kids will collaborate with other non-profits to open our first Group Home for Teens to provide housing, job skills training and schooling.  In addition, our programs will teach teens entrepreneurship along with gardening and fish farming skills.”

Angels for Foster Kids’ new Group Home for Teens will help provide quality housing and help the residents attend a trade school, college or even open their own business with micro funding initiatives. AFK will provide our teens with key resources to help them achieve their goals.  “If we can  help a teen find their passion, we will provide the  vision of what their life could be, and provide them the tools necessary to live it out – this will help us succeed in stopping the cycle of poverty and abuse,” says Margaret Iuculano.  It is the mission of Angels for Foster Kids to help foster kids through their innovative new program which they believe will serve as a model to others.

Angels for Foster Kids will collaborate with other non-profits to open our first Group Home for Teens.

The Angels for Foster Kids foundation will partner with charities in several ways: through education, school supplies, clothing, food, social media, micro funding, entrepreneur training, fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Please join the Angels for Foster Kids Foundation in their effort to support the CommonUnity Project,

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Angels for Foster Kids is a 501 c3 not for profit organization who works to improve the lives of children going through our child welfare system. We work to create awareness and advocate on behalf of abused and neglected children.