new Fortune Teller App

Business psychic announces the release of Mystic Rena, Fortune Teller app.

Fortune Teller(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA – Business psychic, Victoria lynn Weston released a new Fortune Teller, Mystic Rena app for Android users.

Mystic Rena, Fortune Teller app features an interactive crystal ball – users concentrate on a question and click “destiny” to see their answer appear in the crystal ball.  The app allows users of all ages to experience their fortune in an interactive format. The app is available for an introductory price of 99 cents on Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android.

Features found within the Mystic Rena, Fortune Teller app include:

  • Colorful graphic illustration of Mystic Rena
  • Tap-to-destiny to have your answer appear in the crystal ball
  • Instant “rate this” after each question

“We are delighted with our Mystic Rena, Fortune Teller app.  We worked closely with our  app developers to capture the essence of an old fashioned “gypsy fortune teller” to create an interactive and engaging app. Truly fun and insightful for users of all ages,” says Psychic Eye Q Founder, Victoria lynn Weston.

About Psychic Eye Q
Psychic Eye Q was established in May of 2013 to introduce a variety of psychic development, intuitive development courses for online and smartphone use. We are successfully transforming psychic entertainment into enhanced learning, giving users an opportunity to interact with quizzes, tests and more.  The company has created engaging digital applications including “Test Your ESP” which uses the traditional Zener Cards.  Zener cards were designed by psychologist Karl Zener and used specifically to test one’s intuitive and clairvoyant abilities.  With more apps in development, Psychic Eye Q apps have been popular among a vast demographic in the USA and globally. For more information, visit