Delectable Book Breaks Bread on Italy’s Rustic, Cornerstone Staple Food

In ‘Panini: The Simple Tastes of Italian Style Bread’, international food writer, Veronica Lavenia, takes readers back to her native land for an adventure inspired by…well…bread! But this is far more than a choice between white or wholemeal; it’s a celebration of dozens of types of Italian bread and the fresh, seasonal ingredients that have made them famous. With recipes taken straight from the author’s family traditions, readers will soon be creating their own authentic bruschetta, paninis and more.

Panini by Veronica Lavenia(MediaQuireUnited Kingdom – To many of us, bread is simply we consume each day without giving it any notice or appreciation. But to Italians, bread is a cultural cornerstone; a genuine family staple that can take on hundreds of different metamorphoses. Having grown up in Sicily, food writer Veronica Lavenia was raised with this simple, if magical food all around her. In her latest book, she now celebrates and showcases bread for all it is worth.

Panini: The Simple Tastes of Italian Style Bread’ is a celebration of culinary and culture unlike anything else on the market. Grab that whisk and mixing bowl – because it’s time to create authentic, adventurous Italian breads at home.


Bread is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, and is never missing from the Italian table. PANINI: THE SIMPLE TASTES OF ITALIAN STYLE BREAD celebrates the many forms of Italian bread with a delicious range of recipes (savory and sweet) that reflect the flavors of traditional Italian cuisine, with fresh, seasonal, Mediterranean ingredients.

PANINI collects 60 recipes divided into four sections (“Bruschetta”, “Panini”, “Tramezzini”, “Toast”) with stunning professional photos and very refined layout. The key of the book is the simplicity of the ingredients and their easy availability. All the recipes, based on Italian and Mediterranean tradition, will go perfectly with the Italian cult of eating in season and with the author philosophy that focuses on slow food, with a low environmental impact.

From the rustic Panini or the traditional Bruschetta to the popular Tramezzini, PANINI is packed with ideas to bring the Italian passion for this simple, shared, staple food to your own table.

panini-pan“The amazing thing about bread is that, at its core, it is such a simple food. However, when we Italians get hold of it, we turn it into an exciting staple with more varieties than anyone could imagine,” explains the author. “I wanted to write a book that would literally celebrate bread, in its many different forms, and then teach readers how to make it the same way Italians do every day.”

Continuing, “The book is chock-full of traditional bruschetta recipes, as well as some braver creations including Carrots and capers sauce bruschetta, Chocolate cream and hazelnut spread tramezzini and Buffalo Mozzarella with basil pesto. It makes your regular store-bought granary seem boring, right?” [Get your panini pan!]

But the book contains far more than just recipes, as Lavenia makes clear.

“The book is also a wonderful introduction to the slow, socially-oriented way that Italians cook and eat. As a native Italian, I intersperse the recipes with a host of stories about my family, and how dinner time forms the biggest part of our day. There’s something here for everyone,” she adds.

 ‘Panini: The Simple Tastes of Italian Style Bread’, from New Holland Publishers, is available on Amazon:

Panini: The Simple Tastes of Italian Style Bread

About the Author:

Italian author Veronica Lavenia is an international food writer and columnist. In PANINI, Veronica has included traditional family recipes that have been used for many generations, together with recipes born out of a personal experience that helped her to discover how useful it is to share tasty and healthy ideas. Veronica loves to cook what she grows in her family garden and explore new culinary possibilities and alternatives, together with ingredients that are affordable and easily available.