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(MediaQuire) Jersey City, NJ, November 26, 2012 – Are you often worried, or scared about your future and the future of our world? Do you wish you had the tools to turn off your worry machine and get the peace of mind you want and deserve? Is it difficult to get enthusiastic about anything? The fact is, most of us could use some help in finding joy in everyday life.

In his new book, The Gifted One, The Journey Begins, (Balboa Press), Dr. Andy McCabe breaks the rules in the self-transformation genre by telling a story, instead of providing a menu of do’s and don’ts. He presents us with an entertaining and humorous book, with characters both men and women can easily identify with.

“I’ve read many self-help books,” says McCabe. “They offer ‘ten ways to do this’ and ‘five ways to do that.’ I wanted to have fun, and people learn better when there’s an actual story to follow while learning.” Well-written and thought-provoking, it challenges readers to find their own happiness within.

The book’s lead character, distracted and self-absorbed, almost misses the opportunity to do a small kindness for a blind beggar. But when he does pause, he realizes he’s spent his last quarter on the subway. All he has to give is a five dollar bill. He gives the five dollar bill, and very unexpectedly he receives an astonishing gift that eventually moves him into a whole new direction in his life. The story clearly makes readers realize that helping others, even in the smallest of ways, can change your life tremendously. The outcome of giving this small gift is phenomenal.

McCabe’s protagonist doesn’t know this blind messenger actually represents the world’s greatest healer and anyone who ‘passes the test’ of kindness will be given life-altering knowledge that will not only transform them but will ultimately change the world, for the better. In his quest for the gift of healing, he travels to a desert ranch, falls in love, and is handed a final mission that will leave readers gasping – and most definitely wanting more.

Indicated by the many rave reviews on Amazon.com, The Gifted One draws readers in from the first page with a challenge to begin their own life-changing journey towards achieving higher levels of reality, wisdom, spirituality and an overall healthier life.

Andy McCabe has been a guest on many radio and TV shows, including a one-hour interview on CBS Radio with Allison Hayes, ‘The Rock Girl’ (recipient of the 2011 Psychic of the Year Award from Om magazine). A graduate of Rutgers University, Andy is an associate professor who teaches courses in behavior disorders

For more information on this talented writer, please visit: www.andycitybear.com.



Dad of Divas Review: “This book was filled with so many messages of hope and inspiration. The author does a great job at sharing his message through a slight humor as well as true caring and heartfelt messages that all can understand. This book challenges readers to find their own passion as well as their own potential for the future…so truthful and honest and makes you truly feel and think about your own future and the decisions that you wish to make to move you forward toward your own future.”

Nano Khilnani, Biz India: “This book is about the life-transforming story of a frustrated writer named City Bear…This is a book that keeps the story moving fast, and makes you not want to keep the book down or pause to take a break. Dr. McCabe’s pervasive theme in The Gifted One is that our egos are the principal cause of conflict in the world today…Our egos come in the way of our happiness.

Dr. McCabe reveals to the readers how to change their lives for the better, and gain happiness. Effecting change in ourselves to become more caring individuals is the critical value I derived from reading this instructive work crafted in the form of a narrative by Dr. McCabe. Changing the world to make it a better place to live in for all of us begins with changing ourselves for the better, instead of blaming others for their shortcomings. At the end of this book, Dr. McCabe gives readers a forty-day challenge…forty days after you’ve read this book, email us at our website – www.andycitybear.com to let us know what you’ve done to transform yourself and, at the same time, our world.”

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