Six Steps to Promoting your Business

MediaQuire can help you promote your business

Create + Engage = New Business

Six Steps to Promoting your BusinessMediaQuire will publish your news and create engaging content to increase your brand awareness.  To boost your internet rankings, we SEO encode all  your content – linking up keywords to direct traffic to your website and social media sites. 

Six Steps to Promoting & Gaining Attention for your Business

1Press Release(s):  A Press release is a great way to gain media attention. Equally important, “fresh news is fresh content” on the web which will boost your internet rankings.  Mix in keyword linking (SEO) to your press releases with outbound links to your website and other websites including Amazon author pages and that will boost your internet rankings.  MediaQuire does this and as well as publish and distribute your news to social media outlets including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

2Web One-Sheets: Create visually engaging content about your company. Our web one-sheets would include linked keywords to help boost internet rankings.  These unique one-sheets will also be SEO encoded based on your preferred keywords with outbound links to buy your products/books on Amazon or your website.

3Your Custom Media Room:  It’s a good idea to have your own media room on your website, but did you know that having an external media room on MediaQuire is an excellent way to further boost internet rankings?  We can also design and customize your media room and archive all your news on MediaQuire. [MQ-PressRooms]

4Social Media: We will set-up and customize your business social media pages, like Facebook to showcase your company, products, services and/or books.

5Professional Interview: Interviews are key to letting your voice be heard – it’s an opportunity to brag about your company –  your chance to shine.  A member of our team will arrange a 15-20 minute telephone interview with you for print distribution.  Your preferred keywords will be  linked up appropriately to help drive traffic to your website and social sites. [Margaret Iuculano][Other Interviews]

5Media Expert Source: If you’re an expert – consider participating in our Media Expert Sources. [info]

Let’s get started today.  You can work on on all six steps or simply work à la carte at your own pace.  No monthly retainer fees. No contracts. You  pay as you go.  We work within your budget.  We want to help you reach  your goals.


MediaQuire Testimonials

“We’ve had great results with MediaQuire.  They have helped me stay ahead of the competition by knowing where to place my news story of the day in a way that positions me above the “noise” of normal business. They do a great job and are very well priced.”  – Jim Bell, Founder of Beasley Real Estate

“MediaQuire is not some faceless company but the brainchild of innovator and business entrepreneur, Victoria Weston. This amazing lady is like your best friend dedicated to your success and she puts her awesome talents at your disposal to help you achieve your goals. ”  – Chrissie Blaze, Workout for the Soul

“It is always a pleasure working with Victoria and MediaQuire.  Victoria dives into your objectives when working on your project to position your company to receive the best results.  Their pricing is competitive and they work quickly to finish the project ahead of schedule and very nicely done.” – Margaret Iuculano, Founder of Angels for Foster Kids 

“MediaQuire helped provided new ways to promote my 19 books… they did a wonderful job!” – Dr. Alma Bond, author [Book One-Sheet]