The Book of SHE: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power

The Book of She(VenusMuse) – In The Book of SHE: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power (New World Library, October 15, 2015), bestselling author Sara Avant Stover guides women to a powerful new understanding of and appreciation for every aspect of femininity.

“Your feminine soul, which I call your SHE, contains your deepest source of personal power, inner wisdom, and authentic expression,” writes Sara. “We spend so much of our lives focusing solely on our material realities, forgetting that we are all carry a spark of the divine within us, that most of us never come to truly know our souls.”

The Book of SHE (Amazonprovides women with a road map for what Sara calls The Heroine’s Journey, which merges psychology and spirituality into a path that leads to psychological wholeness, empowerment, and ultimately, full female realization. While Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” was conceived in 1949 with primarily men in mind, Sara’s gender-specific map of the Heroine’s Journey is designed with the unique twists and turns that initiation into empowered womanhood in modern times entails.

“We need a model for true, feminine empowerment now, because the world is changing quickly. Wenot linear and logical. If we continue to view our cyclical crises as failures, we will always feel like we’re missing the mark. We will continue to feel the longing to unite with the Sacred Feminine within us, but we will never arrive there. SHE will stay in our heads, in people and images and pursuits outside of us, never entering our hearts, wombs, and cells.”

The Book of SHE turns the current paradigm for success and empowerment on its head, and reminds women that everything in their outer world is based on the unseen, inner one. “By changing the inner, we change the outer — not the other way around,” writes Sara. “Through relinquishing our chronic busyness, we open up the space to increase our capacity to be present and truly enjoy this precious life.”

After reading a press release sent from the author’s PR firm, I reached out to ask the author  –

What inspired you to write this book?

Sara Avant StoverI wrote the book that I most needed to read. As a dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner for twenty years, as well as an avid student of psychology, I reached a major impasse when I was writing my first book, The Way of the Happy Woman, several years ago. An old eating disorder from my college years resurfaced, along with strong bouts of anxiety and insomnia. These were all things I thought I had healed through the wellness practices I shared in my first book. Only through working very closely with a couple of my female teachers, and drawing on a lot of self-study, was I able to gain the perspective that these challenges weren’t a “failure.” They were the opening to my next leap in empowerment, the start of my own Heroine’s Journey. The practices I wrote about in my first book made me strong enough in body, mind, and heart, to be able to hold my younger self’s addictions and afflictions, and then to heal them at their root level. Through mentoring other women, I started to see that many of them were going through similar rites of passage, while erroneously viewing them as shortcomings. I vowed to share my story to help those women—and all women—to view our struggles as stepping-stones to our unconditional happiness, wholeness, and empowerment.

Check out this lovely YouTube video of Sara talking about what she most hopes women will take away from the book: