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(MediaQuire) Ancient texts in the TORAH, the first five books of the Old Testament, are revealing new information. Throughout the Bible, scriptures are replete with numerical information that for millennia has been a source of investigation by mathematicians, theologians, scientists and rabbis. Scripture seems to indicate that we are in the End of Days, the time when there will be massive upheavals — an apocalyptic time ending with the return of the Messiah.

Prophecy reveals epic events that have been exhaustively studied about what is to come. However, what if there was already encoded important information in the Torah that was meant for our time? In keeping with the idea that the Bible is the only book that tells us about the future, then should we be surprised that it is encoded with hidden intelligence about our lives today?

There is no set of books in scripture that are as mysterious as the Torah. We don’t know all the details of how this book was given to Moses. All we know is that God was somehow involved in this remarkable set of books, from Genesis to Deuteronomy. We know that the Torah contains the most basic information about the earth and life on this planet. It is a book of miracles.

Filmmaker Richard Shaw wanted to know. He and his team went to Israel days after the cease-fire with Hamas to meet with the world experts. Richard had previously met and knew these men for years and the film had been in planning stages since 2009. Finally, in 2014 the funds became available to start the process and it couldn’t have been more timely.

In Torah Codes End to Darkness we investigate the Codes and what the rabbis and professors are researching today. There are 41 Torah Code tables in the film that are shown and explained, along with interviews of the experts themselves as well as IDF volunteer Dan Gordon, also an award winning Screenwriter of such films as Passenger 57, The Hurricane, Murder in the First, The Assignment, two Broadway Shows and his current book Day of the Dead: Gaza and a major feature film based on this book to be released in summer of 2016. Dan explains the current threat by Hamas, along with Col. Richard Kemp, former commander of UK’s forces in Afghanistan. You’ll see how people live on the Gaza border, what the rockets look like that have been fired across the border at Israel for the past 14 years, and what miracles have taken place that have protected Israel.

Even after the film was released, the research continues. Recently, a code table was sent to Richard with a table about Netanyahu. The table indicated that he would be elected in 2015 and gave the date. The amazing thing was that Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson that discovered the table did so on Feb. 9th, over a month before the election took place. While the mainstream media was telling us that the election would be close, both Glazerson and Shaw knew that Netanyahu would be reelected, if the Codes were correct, and indeed they were. While all this is true, the rabbis and professors resist using the Torah as a crystal ball, but it often tells us about coming events, sometimes almost by accident.

Beyond the Torah Codes, there is a method of searching Biblical texts in Hebrew using a form of encoding known as Gematria, sometimes referred to as numerology. This is

not a religion or a cult, but another way to try to unlock the scriptures. Numbers to the Jews all have meaning. Western Christians tend to not understand there may sometimes be a deeper meaning in numbers they read about and that there may be more encodings within these texts than we realized.

In Gematria, each Hebrew letter has a numerical value. In the early days of doing Torah Codes on a computer, there were no Hebrew fonts. Each letter was given a number, and professor Rips and his associates; Doron Witztum and Yoav Rosenberg, originally created Torah Code tables that were all numerical. If you add up the letters in a word or a sentence, you end up with a number.

With our ability to decode scripture, they are now revealing information that has been sealed for several millennia and all our latest information is pointing to September of this year, as well as the year 2016 which seems to have additional meaning as references to “Messiah” appear routinely now.

Are we predicting that the Messiah is coming in 2016? No. That is something no one can do, but we do find it strange at how often it appears connected to the times in which we live. The number we’re most interested in now, is 5776 — the Hebrew calendar year for 2016 which begins this September. According to ancient Jewish mystical texts, the Messiah will come in the 6th millennia that we’re now in.

Glazerson is always excited to show Richard new things, but this time he was as giddy as a school boy. If you take the numerical value for the Hebrew expression of the year 5776 (2016) as well as the number 1335 (the number of days from the book of Daniel), they both add up to the same number of 3382. It does seem odd that the identical number of 3382 refers to both the year 2016 and 1335.

Rabbi Glazerson explaining his findings with Richard Shaw:

In the New Testament there is another clue from the book of Acts, revealing that the Torah was given to us “by angels.” What does that mean? Other scriptures in the book of Daniel refer to “sealing” information about the Last Days until the time of the end. How do you “seal” a book that everyone is already reading and has been for centuries? The only way is to encrypt (encode) it. And, why are we surprised when it is commonplace today to encrypt our emails to keep others from reading sensitive information? Do we think we’re the only ones through time that knew how to do this?

In 1976, Rabbi Yaniv gave a book to the famed mathematician, professor Eliyahu Rips. That book outlined a phenomena that another genius, Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl, had discovered in the 50s — the encoding of the Torah using equidistant letter sequencing, (ELS). While Weissmandl didn’t have a computer in those days, professor Rips immediately began by putting a team together of computer specialists. Together in the late 70s they found a way to key a few chapters of the book of Genesis into an original, Apple II computer to search the Torah for people, places and events that happened in our time. Over the intervening years, both computers and software were greatly improved and startling information appeared, some of it seemed to predict future events. Then in 1997, Michael Drosnin wrote the book “The Bible Code” which revealed this phenomena to the world. Many documentaries were produced using the Tables that Drosnin found, but what have the real discoverers of the Torah Code found on their own? What are these world experts in the Codes doing today, and what ties does Israel have to the Codes? Now, even more importantly as world events continue to unfold that could possibly threaten its very existence.